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Why Garment + GRACE?


Grace, it's a word that we are all familiar with and used in many different ways. The dictionary describes grace with several definitions and parts of speech. The first being an adverb, "of simple elegance or refinement of movement", meaning that things can move gracefully like all of the clothes we carry in our store! The second definition is using Grace as a verb, "do honor or credit to someone by one's presence", which is how we strive to treat our customers. The third definition is our favorite here at Garment + Grace and the most meaningful to us, which utilizes Grace as a noun "(in the Christian belief) the free and unmerited favor of God". This is important to our G+G family because it reminds us of the intentional sacrifice God made for every person that's been here on this earth: past, present, and future by sending His son, Jesus to die for us.

Therefore, we keep the definition of Grace above the mirror in our store to remind all of our employees and our customers about the importance of Grace and that God's Grace is for everyone (which includes all of the women who look in our mirror). When you come visit us and look at our sign, think about the favor God has upon everyone, including you!